I’ve decided tonight of all nights is the night that I will begin a blog.

My life is not in shambles.  I have no dramatic events happening where a good friend is cheating on her husband with her husband’s sister or something soap-opera-ish.  It’s just me trying to live my life and figure things out while taking care of my beloved cat.

If that didn’t hook you then grab a glass of wine and turn on The Golden Girls or something you’ll find more entertaining because this blog isn’t gonna be anything too crazy.

I’m 29 rapidly approaching 30 and although I try my hardest to not let that number mean something, that number does mean something to me.  It doesn’t mean ‘You Should Be Married’ or ‘You Should Have A Child’.  30 is just a number that is an indication of a point in my life that I thought would feel more significant than it does.  Instead, I feel stagnant.  Not unhappy, not disgruntled, not broken-heartedly lonely – just stagnant.

I want to use this blog – which is a word I hate already and hopefully will soon replace – to write reflections on my life this far.  Logically I know I’ve done so much and accomplished so many things and yet here I am feeling… stagnant.  The exhilarating forward momentum that has constantly been a driving propellant in my life has just fizzled out and dammit, I’m not ok with this!

I’m an analytical type of woman so the way I’ve always worked past any sort of road block in my life is to take a step back and go over how I got to the position I was in.  It’s not a practice of finding fault in myself – aka ‘Where did I go wrong?!’.  Instead it’s a way for me to look over my actions and the subsequent events in an objective manner to try and figure out why I’ve ended up at the roadblock and (hopefully) how I can move past it.  Normally this is something I can do all in my mind and over a couple nights – ok maybe over the course of a couple weeks – but this time it feels to big to do all in my head, so here we are.

I will write about love and loss, ghosts and religion, pets and bugs and travel and friends.  It’ll be part travel blog, part diary, and part career planning.

Basically this blog will be an ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ type of thing although I never read that book so even I don’t understand the spot on reference I’m sure I just made.  Some of it will be juicy.  Some of it will be exhilarating.  Some of it will be down right lame.

All of it will be meaningful – at least to me and, hopefully, to some of you.


South Iceland_Laki

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